Gebäude für Frieden und Sicherheit

Addis Abeba · Äthopien - 2008

Bauherr: Gesellschaft für Technische Zusammenarbeit GTZ


Precise in shape and classic in its language, the P&S Building takes up its position amongst the otherwise extremely heterogeneous architectural styles and dimensions of the African Union complex in Addis Ababa. The architecture - outwardly restrained but representative - is defined by a square cubic volume that is elevated above a transparent free flowing ground floor space. Inwardly the building surprises with its vast array of spatial variety. Entering the building, the visitor is enclosed by a rhombic spatial system that refers to the traditional decorative art of Africa as a homage to the nations of the African continent. Key walls, following the movement of the rhomb, guide through the ground floor opening various spatial relations towards the public and semi-public areas of the P&S Building. Spanning the complete Ground level, a tent like sculpture focuses all spatial relations on to the elegant centre of the building, the plenar hall. The assembly room, slightly lowered towards the surrounding ground floor, is voulted with a “baldachin”, backlit through the skylight of the tent like sculpture. This “artificial sky” is decorated with the emblem of the African Union, the golden African Continent surrounded by palm leaves.